Software Available from FAS for Download

NOTE: Admin Staff, G1s and G2s - You cannot install this software on your Physics desktop. Please contact us for software needs. You can, however, install much of this software on a personal machine for use at home/dorm/etc. for your Harvard work or studies.

Software Downloads

FAS provides many software packages for use by faculty, students, labs and staff. All you need is your Harvard ID and PIN number to log in and download the osoftware for install. Pay close attention when downloading as most products require you to also install their keyserver application and either be connected to the Harvard network or, if not on the Harvard network, to set up and use VPN on your non-Harvard Internet connection. FAS Software Downloads (Mac, Windows, Linux) If you need to purchase software or a license, please visit UIS Tech Services


Physics Computer Services does not support the FAS software, keyserver or VPN services. You must contact HUIT/FAS-IT if you have issues as we have no access to the services required to troubleshoot issues with them. Contacting FAS:  HUIT Faculty & Staff Support or 5-9000