Laptop Setup (un-supported)

Physics Computer Services (PCS) does not support mobile platforms and/or individual controlled devices such as laptop, PDAs and handhelds. And as software licensing and distribution is more effectively controlled and dispensed by UIS and FAS we do not carry software that is already available (and updated) from FAS via download or purchase from UIS (we get our software from them, as well). Contrary to some belief, we do not have a generic install disk or system for often-requested software. Software changes too rapidly to make this worthwhile.

If you have a laptop that you need to have set up, serviced or have data copied to, please contact FASCS/HASCS as they have staff dedicated to this task and can offer a more comprehensive service as well as direct access to software and support from IBM/Lenovo and Apple. We are still happy to answer questions or provide recommendations if you're unsure of your needs.

Wireless: Wireless networking is provided by FAS throughout the campus. To register your laptop or personal workstation (i.e. - not provided by Physics Computer Services), please visit the FAS NOC at and log in using your Harvard ID number and PIN. This is also where one registers a laptop or non-Physics-supplied desktop's wired connection as well.

How to obtain help from FASCS for your device

Hardware Repairs:

UIS Hardware Repair information


Please visit FAS Computing and select your student type under "getting started". See the 'getting help and assistance" topic.


Go to FAS Computing
Click "Faculty & Staff" under "getting started"
Under "Support & Training" you choose either:
1. "Request Assistance / Create and track your own Remedy tickets"
You can create a help ticket and FASCS will contact you.
2. "FASCS Computer Clinic"
You can call the number to arrange an appointment with FASCS support personnel.

Alternately, you can go to the Science Center and visit the help desk if you are in a hurry.

If you need special software installed, bring your media, or indicate what items from the FAS download catalog you want.
Browse the catalog here (select platform, Linux/Mac/Windows at top)
If you have previously purchased software, take that with you. FASCS can assist you in obtaining software such as MS Office and/or you may purchase it from UIS Technology Services.

Special software we're often asked about:

MikTeX - (free)
WinEDT - (requires license purchase - Harvard does not have blanket license)
GhostScript/GSview -
SSH SecureShell -