Printing to a Samba/Windows Printer from OSX

These instructions are not for workstations administered by Physics Computing (Staff, G1 & G2 - machines labeled and named PD00xxx).

Important: You must now use as the server address for connecting to our printers. Using is no longer the proper method. Example: \\\library-mono


NOTE: If you are off-campus, you must establish a VPN connection before attempting to map a Physics printer. VPN is not required if you are using the campus wired. For VPN access, please see FAS-IT VPN Installer or FAS-IT Support.


Adding a Physics printer on Mac OSX 10.8

    • open System Preferences and select Print & Scan
    • click the + (plus) symbol to add a printer
    • in the Add window, right-click on the toolbar and choose Customize Toolbar
    • drag the 'Advanced' item on to the toolbar and click Done
    • now click Advanced in the tool bar
    • when it stops searching, select "Windows printer via spoolss" under Type:
    • leave Device as it is ('Another Device')
    • supply path for printer like smb://[printer name] (see list of names at
    • for Name: give it a name you'll recognize, for example "Library Color Printer"
    • click Use: and then Select Printer Software
    • choose the appropriate printer model (see list at
    • click the Add button
    • send a print job to the new printert. This will prompt it to ask for your Physics username and password. You should allow it to save the password if you plan on using this printer again later. Otherwise, jobs may fail later with a 'waiting for authentication' message in the printer dialogue.


Adding a Physics printer on Mac OSX 10.6/10.7

      • You must first connect to your Physics home directory via Samba before adding each new printer. This seems to be the only way to avoid the "on hold pending authentication" error.
      • If you get this error, try clicking on 'Resume printer' in the printer dialogue. If it allows you to re-enter your username and password you may be able to make it work. If not, the only way to fix it is to delete the printer, close System Preferences, connect to your Physics home directory as described here and then re-add the printer and immediately print to it.
      • Once you've printed to the new printer and been asked to add your username and password again (you'll want to select 'save password' to avoid issues later - it is assumed your computer is password protected [yes?])
      • Connect to your home directory using Samba by following the instruction at the bottom of this page
      • With your home directory mounted, you can proceed to a printer(s).
      • open System Preferences and go to Print & Fax
      • click + to add a printer
      • The following needs to be done only once
        • right-click (Ctrl + click) on toolbar next to the 'windows' icon and select 'Customize Toolbar'
        • drag the 'Advanced' icon to the toolbar and click Done
      • click 'Advanced' (wait for 'Searching for printers' to stop)
      • select 'Windows' from the "Type:" drop-down menu
      • leave "Device:" set to 'Another
      • for the URL: supply a path for printer like smb://[printer name] (see list of names at
      • for Name: give it a name you'l recognize, for example "Library Color"
      • Give it an appropriate name (i.e. - library-color)
      • select "Select printer software" from 'Print Using:" drop-down menu
      • select printer make and model (example: "HP Color Laserjet 3800" )
      • click 'Add'
      • If a printer options box pops up, select the approriate items (such as extra paper trays, duplex, etc. as apprpriate for that printer) and click 'Continue'. For instance, library-color has a Tray 3 and does duplex (2-sided).
      • Immediately try printing from the printer. When asked for your username and password, enter your Physics username (not the long name you log into your Mac with) and password. You'll want to allow it to save the password or you'll have difficulty printing in future.
      • If all goes well... you'll now have a usable Physics printer set up. If a better method can be found, we'll update this entry with new instructions.

Adding a Physics printer on Mac OSX 10.5

      • From System Preferences, select "Print & Fax"
      • Click the + sign to add a printer
      • 10.5 - Right-click (ctrl-click) on any icon in the top of the window that opens
      • 10.5 - Select "Customize toolbar" from the menu that pops up
      • 10.5 - Drag the 'Advanced' icon onto the icon toolbar and click 'Done'
      • 10.5 - Click the Advanced icon
      • 10.5 - Select "Windows" in the "Type" menu
      • For "Device Name" enter a name to identify the printer
      • 10.5 - For "Device URI" or "URL" enter: smb:// (where "printername" is the printer you are connecting to [example: library-color] - you should be prompted for your username and pasword.)
      • Select the printer model (if not found, try 'Generic' but you will need to install a driver for any color or special printers)
      • Click "Add"


Tip: Most B&W printers will work just fine using the 'Generic Postscript Printer' driver.

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